Welcome to the website of the prominent investment and consulting company ODIENSEVIS Investment&Restructuring Services a.s., which works in the field of locating strategic and financial partners for Your companies.


The joint venture ODIENSEVIS Investment&Restructuring Services a.s. was originally founded as a part of a group owned by prestigious American investment banks LAZARD Frerés   ( www.lazard.com ) and LATONA Associates ( www.latonassociates.com ), which have extensive international experience in the field of restructuring and investment banking services.. The most significant mandate in the Central and East European region on which members of our team took part was the trusteeship of Revitalizačna agentura, a.s., which was responsible for restructuring and sale of major Czech companies such as TATRA Kopřivnice, a.s., ZETOR Brno, a.s., VITKOVICE, a.s.,   ŠKODA Plzeň and Hutní montáže Ostrava, a.s.

Our local partner is a private Slovakian company SEVIS Venture management s.r.o, which focuses on finding investment opportunities and linking them to local and foreign investors. SEVIS Venture management s.r.o actively invests into companies with the intention of “bringing them back on their feet” and their subsequent sale. Presently SEVIS Venture management, s.r.o has ownerships shares in four companies TN servis, a.s., a  furniture manufacturer VITAL, a.s., engineering company I.S. SERVIS, an industrial company TOPOS, a.s.   and in industrial company PPS Group a.s.

Nowadays we operate as a joint venture of our Slovakian and foreign owners who owing to the top-class foreign know-how and detailed understanding of local situation can offer our clients particularly these following services:

•  offer counseling with fusion and acquisition transactions, especially when it concerns entering of foreign strategic investors into Slovakian companies;

•  organizing and the subsequent managing of private equity investments into undervalued assets;

•  advisory services for restructuring and crisis management;

•  investments and counseling with the management of classified liabilities for the private and public banking sector.

Since its foundation in 2001 the company, among others, took part in several significant transactions in the area of its services:

•  joint participation in a consortium with Korean Asset Management Company (www.kamco.or.kr) in an international tender for the investor who will create a joint venture with Slovenska konsolidacna, a.s to manage and to maximize the value of portfolio of non-performing loans with a nominal value of over SKK 50 billion throughout 2001

•  organizing the sale of AVC, a.s. Čadca for its private proprietors; part of the service provided was also the formulation of the pre-sale restructuring and acquisition   of VÚB loans against AVC a.s.

•  successful acquisition of the assets of PPS Detva Holding, a.s “in tender” by consortium with the Swiss financial investor JET Schweiz IT AG and the Slovakian company SITNO Holding, a.s.


We have built up the trust of our clients with professional approach, discretion, swiftness of our services and a unique combination of understanding the local situation and international standard of services provided worldwide. You too can rely on us as a partner who offers you complex service with restructuring, direct investments and investment banking.